Mike Mavrigian

Mike Mavrigian

Mike received a BA degree from Youngstown State University in English Literature with a minor in Journalism in 1975.


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Round 12: Techs Helping Techs

Techs Helping Techs is turning 12 And it’s time for another roundup of useful tips and tricks courtesy of your fellow technician readers. While our writers share their expertise in every issue, it’s extra special when our readers share what they’ve learned from their days and nights working in the service bay. Thanks to all who shared their advice.

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The Ins and Outs of Fuel Contamination

What happens when a vehicle’s fuel tank is filled with “bad” fuel? Well, it varies depending on how bad the fuel is and if the engine is gasoline- or diesel-powered. Fixes can range from cleaning the system with a fuel additive (isopropyl alcohol), flushing the system and refilling with “good” fuel, to needing to repair damage to the fuel system and/or engine.

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Lesson Learned From a Tool Chest Mishap

I learned a hard lesson. Although I love my tools and treat them with respect, tossing miscellaneous bits and pieces into one drawer was a big mistake that I’ll never repeat.  Imagine this happening in the midst of a job while the customer begins to fume due to the delay. Learn from my dumb mistake. Don’t treat your tool chest like a dumpster. One little mistake can bite you hard.

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How to Deal With Difficult Customers

Remain Calm, Explain the Issue and Shrug Off the Negativity

We’ve all been there....the dreaded angry customer. You know the type: the vehicle owner who thinks he or she is entitled and simply can’t be reasoned with. While the majority of your customers are likely pleasant and reasonable, there are times when you’re faced with some real winners.

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An Overview of Continental Autodiagnos Pro

Here we’ll take a cursory peek at Continental’s Autodiagnos Pro diagnostic scan tool. The tool is designed to provide fast diagnostics, real-time data updates, fault codes and code descriptions, PIDs with the ability to graph data and functions in multiple ways to support diagnosis, and live streaming data, with the ability to play back data at any time during diagnosis.

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Brake Caliper Service

Proper Inspection, Repair, Replacement & Hardware

Check the bleeder valve. If you suspect a bad caliper, it may be an issue with sticky/seized piston(s), but don’t jump to that conclusion right off the bat.

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Understanding Common TPMS Problems

Proper Identification, Inspection & Service Are Required

Tire pressure monitoring system (generally referred to as TPMS or TPM) is relatively basic in terms of the number of involved components. But there can be hiccups. We walk through the steps, and also gather service tips from TPMS manufacturers.

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Servicing Euro Luxury Vehicles

Perhaps It’s Time to Step Up and Consider This Market Niche
We decided to reach out to two firms that specialize in Euro cars (both in terms of entry-level OE-level service, high performance and ultra-performance models). ECS Tuning, based in Wadsworth, Ohio, sells both direct replacement and performance upgrade parts as well as specialty tools and equipment targeted at Euro cars, and the renowned Euro car technician and Porsche specialist Dave Warner, owner of Exotic Motorwerks.
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Pistons Rings

Understanding the Role of These Critical Components
Even if your shop does not rebuild engines on a routine basis, it’s beneficial to gain an understanding of the role that various engine components serve.
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The Complete Brake Job

Success Lies in the Details

Brake system service is perhaps the most crucial aspect of vehicle service. If the engine won’t start, the customer is stranded. If the engine or transmission causes a surge or poor acceleration, the customer is annoyed. But if the vehicle won’t stop, that’s a big problem.

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Shock & Strut Service Tips

Paying Attention to the Basics Pays Off

Shock absorber and strut service is certainly nothing new to your shop. However, for newly-hired technicians who may still be learning the ropes, this article is intended to help provide basic service tips regarding these essential elements of vehicle ride control.


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