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Understanding Individual Cylinder Fuel Control

We Break Down This Engine Management Strategy

If we go back to the early electronic fuel injection, (EFI) systems known as batch-fired injectors or what was called simultaneous EFI systems, the bank 1 injectors were all fired together. The next engine revolution resulted in the powertrain control module (PCM) group firing the injectors from bank 2. When an injector electrically lost its resistance value or had a problem called pintle distortion, it created a rich condition on that specific cylinder and bank.

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Anatomy of a Waveform

Diagnostic Value of Scope-checking the Ignition System
We are going to cover the diagnostic value of scope-checking the primary side of the ignition system on a voltage trace and by using a low inductive amp probe to monitor coil charge values and analyze ignition events.
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The Anatomy of a Waveform

Understanding How a DSO Can Improve Diagnostics
You have certainly heard the phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words of information.” That especially is true on lab scope waveforms from both sides of the ignition system as well as input sensors and output devices.
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