Craig Van Batenburg

Craig Van Batenburg is the lead trainer and CEO of ACDC, a hybrid and plug-in technician training company based in Worcester, Mass. ACDC started hybrid training in early 2000.  ACDC owns a fleet of 16 EMVs, from the most popular models to current EVs. Recently, ACDC has expanded to 5,000 square feet and added a battery lab. Class info is available at or call 508 826 4546.


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Are You Ready for 800 Volts?

Education Is Key When Servicing EVs

This article will compare the low voltage system to the high voltage system and explain how a 12-volt brain can get confused. It is essential that you master the principles of electronic controls, reprogramming, oscilloscope usage, reading wiring diagrams and all aspects of electronic systems used in today’s modern vehicles in order to transition into high voltage systems.

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