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Check Acura Fluid Pressure Sensors Before Replacement

This bulletin applies to 2014-2017 Acura MDX and 2015-2017 TLX with SH-AWD. If you suspect a leak at the rear differential axle seal or pinion seal, the actual culprit may be something loose or damaged above it. A loose or damaged fluid pressure sensor will drip rear differential fluid onto the axle seal. Also, a loose fluid pressure check port will drip fluid onto the pinion seal. 

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Toyota Updates Trailer Brake Control

Some owners of 2016-2017 Toyota Tundra trucks have expressed dissatisfaction with the braking feel of the integrated trailer brake controller. Revised software for the trailer brake control ECU has been developed to provide an alternative trailer braking feel. Toyota notes that the brake control relay with bracket should not be replaced as part of this repair procedure.

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Fixing Honda RES Freeze

This bulletin applies to 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey vehicles equipped with the RES (advanced rear entertainment system) feature. The RES screen may freeze or go blank while in use, accompanied by a camera system problem. A message “image cannot be displayed” may appear on the display audio screen while using Cabin Watch (if so equipped). 

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Pinion Flange Preventing Chevrolet Pre-Load

This bulletin applies to 2015-2019 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, 2019 Silverado LD and 2014-2018 Silverado vehicles. Technicians may be unable to achieve pre-load when setting up the pinion bearing pre-loads during reassembly of the 9.5/9.76 inch rear axles. The cause has been determined to be when re-using a pinion flange that has imperfections in the mating surface where the nut contacts the flange.

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Unsticking GMC Door Locks

2007-2013 GMC Denali, Sierra or Yukon vehicles may exhibit a condition where one or more of the doors do not lock/unlock when activating the power door locks. The condition may be intermittent or constant. The cause may be that the door locking button is hanging up on the window belt inner sealing strip within the door. The inboard seal material may rub on the button.

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Loose Bracket Nuts Causes Cadillac Problems

Some owners of 2014-2016 Cadillac CTS or XTS vehicles equipped with a 3.6L turbocharged engine may comment about a brief rattle or tick when revving the engine when the transmission is in park or neutral. The same rattle can sometimes be heard at the beginning or end of acceleration while in drive. This condition may be caused by loose converter bracket nuts or it may be a normal characteristic of the turbo wastegate.

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