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Diagnosing a MOST Bus Code

When We Have a Failure to Communicate

Diagnostics can seem tricky and daunting at times. Just the sight of a “U” based code can be intimidating to even the best diagnostic technicians, but if a U0028:00 MOST bus code is set and you are dealing with the complaint of no center stack or no radio operation on a GM car or truck, where do you even start and what the heck is the MOST bus?

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Innova 7111 Smart Diagnostic System

Innova Releases Its First Diagnostic Tablet

Innova Electronics Corp. has produced its first diagnostic tablet, the Innova 7111 Smart Diagnostic System (SDS), to provide technicians with an efficient, all-in-one tool to help them fix problems on today's vehicles more easily.

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Mahle Decodes Mercedes-Benz Vehicles


Mahle and Daimler AG have reached an agreement on access to the encoded OBD diagnostic ports of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As a result, users of the Mahle TechPro or Brain Bee Connex diagnostic tools can now easily retrieve vehicle data via the cyber security feature. 

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