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Bosch calibration

Bosch, Mitchell Debut New Target System for ADAS Calibration

Mitchell and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions announced the availability of the MD-TS21, a new computer-based target system designed to allow repair facilities to quickly and precisely calibrate front-facing cameras, blind-spot monitors and radar sensors in popular automobile models with ADAS.

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Achieving Critical Fastener Torque

Applying Torque to a Threaded Fastener is Merely the Act That Fulfills the Goal of Achieving Proper Clamping Force

Threaded fasteners require the proper amount of tightening in order to achieve the desired clamping force to secure components. This may involve either reaching a specified torque value or a combination of torque plus additional angle tightening. Either way, the goal is to obtain proper clamping load. With few exceptions, tightening by “feel” is simply inadequate. Under or over tightening can cause fastener failure, components cracking, allowing leaks of combustion pressure, vacuum or fluid leaks, warped components or any combination of faults. Adhering to published torque (or torque-plus-angle) specifications is important for all installation or assembly tasks, but is especially critical for engine, transmission, steering, suspension and brake system applications.

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