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Champion Touts Oil's Anti-Wear Additives

Champion Brands LLC says its Classic and Muscle Motor Oils are “purpose-built” to address the potential of flat tappet camshaft failures found in older gasoline motors.


Ascot Supply Fogger Cleans Surfaces

Ascot Supply's Low Volume Compact Fogger paired with its EPA-registered, fast-acting and...

Ascot Supply Corp. is offering its Low Volume Compact Fogger paired with its Environmental Protection Agency-registered, fast-acting and odorless sanitizing solution as a powerfu­l and effective all-in-one disinfecting and sanitizing solution.


Troubleshooting Exhaust Emissions

Figure 1: A turbo charger on a 2019 Chevrolet Traverse.

When a vehicle comes into your service bay with a drivability problem you immediately start to wonder if this is could an ignition problem, a fuel problem or some kind of electrical issue that’s happening that would make this vehicle act up enough for the customer to bring it into your shop.


Intermittent Problem Detection Strategies

Figure 1: A DVOM’s Peak Detect mode will capture and record a 100 millisecond signal drop-out.

Someone once said that a good technician is not expensive but, rather, priceless. Having said that, I note we have all spent way too much time on an intermittent problem to justify the hours spent on these types of problems.


9th Annual ‘Tips From Techs’: Service Technicians Share Tricks of the Trade

A worn-out Watts link/dog bone can create a very noticeable banging noise that can easily lead a...

Sharing diagnostic and repair information provides a real-world aid to all technicians. Rather than finding a fix and keeping it a secret, by sharing, everyone benefits. There’s enough work out there for all shops, so it isn’t a matter of safeguarding tips or tricks from a competition standpoint. By helping each other out, the industry benefits as a whole. Thanks to those who pitched in.


People Need Preventive Maintenance, Too

People Need Preventive Maintenance, Too

Every vehicle requires periodic maintenance (preventive maintenance) to avoid problems. The same holds true for certain tools and shop equipment. Lifts should be inspected annually, office and shop computers require updates, torque wrenches require periodic calibration, pneumatic tools require in-line lubrication to prevent dry running and lockups. Bay door rollers require cleaning and lube to keep them running smoothly.