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Making lemonade

Making lemonade

It’s hardly a secret that today’s vehicles feature much more complex systems as compared to the pre-electronic control era. While some curse the increasingly sophisticated management systems that we must deal with, the fact that the use of ever-advancing electronic monitoring and management is here to stay, and it’s only going to increase and expand.


Accessory drive belts: Belt noise means more than just worn-out parts

Abrasion on the back of a belt means the belt is slipping on a pulley; it could just be pulley...

Summertime. Even after a short drive, it can get hot enough under the hood to bake biscuits. That heat soaks into everything, and it can be particularly hard on belts and hoses. Of course you already know that, but have you thought about how a worn or damaged belt can affect other things under the hood, even driveability?


J-2534: 2015 update

FIGURE 1: As pictured here, the Legacy Chrysler J-2534 program is working on a Windows 8 laptop.

Reflashing is no longer something new and neither is getting the job done with a J-2534-2 tool. By now many shops have decided that they are in it to win it or they simply sublet the work


TPMS tips:Identifying types, applications, functions and service

Shown here is an array of caps intended for TPMS applications. In this photo, notice that the...

Every vehicle from 2008 model year to the present is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If you service tires, you’ll be forced to deal with TPMS. That means that you must invest in a TPMS tool (preferably a combination tool that allows scanning/diagnostics, activating, programming if needed and relearning).


NAPA Expo held in Las Vegas

The NAPA Park was a highly attended section of the NAPA Expo.

NAPA's first Expo in ten years was held in Las Vegas May 5-8. The parent company's president thanked the 18,000 in attendance for making the event the largest single company aftermarket event in the world.


Tool review: Snap-on CT8810A cordless impact wrench

The new Snap-On CT8810A impact gun features a 3/8-inch-drive and provides a rated 325 ft.-lbs....

Yes, we’re reviewing yet another cordless impact wrench. While I prefer to “mix it up” in terms of tool species, there has been a notable increase in cordless tool offerings, so when something new pops up, we want to make our readers aware.


Nailing tough A/C problems: A review of new tools and diagnostic strategies

This example citing a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a leaking A/C condenser. The dye, however,...

As labor rates climb, and serviceability gets increasingly convoluted, it is becoming more and more important to diagnose A/C problems as accurately as possible. Of course, being that air conditioning is generally diagnosed by interpreting pressures and looking at the “general vicinity” of where UV dye can be spotted, it’s less than an objective, exact science.


Ford distributorless ignition system

These spark plugs are arranged in order as they were removed from a V6 engine with DIS ignition....

The distributorless ignition system (DIS) was introduced in the 1980s to eliminate parts that affect emissions as they wear, but it also helped improve performance and fuel mileage. Today DIS has been phased out in favor of coil-on-plug (COP) ignition, but Ford was still producing engines with DIS as late as 2008, so you’ll be servicing these systems for many years to come.