Edelmann Power Steering Filter Offers Near-Universal Coverage

Dec. 8, 2020

Plews & Edelmann's new Edelmann Elite Power Steering Filter features an innovative design for enhanced performance and nearly universal application coverage.

"The new Edelmann Elite filter uses dual filtration technology to deliver a high capacity flow, while preventing contamination, a leading cause of premature power steering parts failure and warranty issues," according to Plews & Edelmann officials. "The filter effectively removes the risk of system contamination by trapping any particles before the fluid enters the power steering pump."

Plews & Edelmann designed the filter to fit over 99% of all makes and models by incorporating interchangeable connectors that allow service technicians to select the right size they need to match the return line.

"Every Edelmann Elite filter comes with patent pending 3/8-, 1/2-, and 5/-8 inch connectors that can provide a proper fit in almost any application. This also helps reduce inventory hassles and parts returns."

"Our new design is smaller and fits into more areas, while still delivering a high capacity flow," says Tony Edwards, vice president of business development. "The filter is also serviceable, so it can be cleaned and reused.”

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