Innova Launches 5420 Power Check Circuit Tester

Nov. 19, 2020

Innova Electronics Corp. has introduced its Innova 5420 Power Check powered circuit tester, which lets users quickly and safely test and apply power/ground to switches, relays, fans and electrical circuits.

“This powered circuit tester has been developed with input from master technicians to meet Innova’s stringent design standards and commitment to offer products that make it easier and faster to diagnose and repair vehicles,” says Bob Madison, Innova’s director of technical services.

“Longtime Innova users will recognize that the patent-pending powered circuit tester swivel head is inspired by the functionality of our top selling timing lights for use in cramped, hard-to-reach locations."

The 5420 Power Check's output options include 3V, 5V and 12/24V applications.

"Its digital screen and two-color LEDs accurately display the system voltage (red = low / green = good) reading and power/ground for quick readings of electrical circuits," note Innova officials. "Simply connect the 6-foot extension cable or additional 14-foot included cable to the battery and use the metal probe to test circuits."

Innova’s Power Check also features a proprietary swivel-head, which helps users access difficult-to-reach areas.

Its 10 MegOhm impedance provides enhanced safety for automotive electrical system testing, such as inputs to a car or truck’s PCM.