Dayco Launches Timing Belt Kit With 125K-Mile Warranty

Oct. 15, 2020

Dayco’s aftermarket division has launched a new timing belt kit with water pump program that includes a 125,000-mile warranty.

Effective October 15, when a technician buys a Dayco water pump or Dayco timing belt kit with water pump, they can register their purchase and receive coverage for 125,000 miles or - if in Canada - 201,000 kilometers.

“This extended warranty is contingent upon installation according to the OEM service instructions, including flushing the cooling system and installing new coolant that meets OEM specifications,” say Dayco officials.

The company’s kits include gaskets made from high-density materials that retain bolt torque and prevent wicking; a roller bearing in the hub; state-of-the-art silicone/carbide composite seals in the pump for leak prevention; and OE-quality technology built into belt compounds, pulleys and tensioners.

Dayco says its timing belt kits with water pumps - as well as its stand-alone water pumps - offer 99% coverage for today’s domestic and import vehicles. 

“We are excited to introduce this new warranty program to the industry,” says Tom Tecklenburg, Dayco’s vice president of aftermarket, North America.