Rotary Lift Has New High-Capacity Alignment Lift

Feb. 19, 2020

The new ARO22 high-capacity alignment lift from Rotary Lift has an open-front design that is engineered for both cars and commercial vehicles weighing up to 22,000 pounds.

The company says the ARO22 lift is the highest capacity, open-front alignment lift on the market and can handle everything from passenger vehicles to larger work trucks.

The alignment-ready lift has a 26-inch-wide platform runway with 40-inch spacing in between. It is also equipped with air-operated rolling jacks, including a 9,000-pound-capacity front jack and a low-profile, 15,000-pound-capacity rear jack. With these features, the ARO22 can service everything from low-profile Class 1 passenger vehicles to Class 5 vehicles weighing up to 22,000 pounds.

“This lift was designed to accommodate the widest range of vehicles and enhance technician Articleivity, which is key to helping shops boost profitability,” says John Uhl, director of Article management for Rotary. “It’s important for shops to have the flexibility they need to tackle anything from alignments and tire repairs to brake and suspension work.”

The lift’s air-locking rear steer plates are operated from a power column that eliminates the manual process of setting pins, allowing for a quality alignment, while LED lights integrated in the runway platforms illuminate the undercar to improve the work environment. This feature replaces the need for auxiliary lighting and enables technicians to focus on repairs and adjustment.

The optional SmartFill integrated air inflation system lets technicians set the tires to the desired PSI while performing other work and has an optional dual tire filling capability that enables separate pressure settings for front- and rear-axle tires.

The system’s patented articulating roller system and oversized front columns are designed to help evenly distribute the load balance, while the Sentinel Lock system features oversized slack cables and guide arm to ensure the lock latch stays in place. The company says this helps extend the life of the lift and allows technicians to easily set up a vehicle and safely and quickly make repairs.

“Keeping a shop efficient and Articleive is one of our customers’ top priorities, and to achieve that, it’s important to have the right equipment in place,” adds Uhl. “We have been an industry leader for 95 years, and it’s important for us to continue to produce quality equipment that helps speed up repairs, boost accuracy and give technicians what they need for safety and reliability.”

The ARO22 lift is compatible with Rotary’s towerless alignment systems and with other alignment systems on the market.

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