BendPak Has Two New Ranger Stainless Steel Spray Wash Cabinets

May 11, 2020

The new Ranger RS-500DS and RS-750DS stainless steel spray wash cabinets are specifically designed to resist rust while washing away the grime from a full range of vehicle parts, from nuts and bolts to larger truck and SUV engine components.

BendPak Inc. says the cabinets’ unique stainless steel construction makes them resistant to deterioration and the harmful effects of rust.

Use them to clean transmissions, engines and engine parts, industrial machinery, brake drums, wheels, and other dirty components. The washers use high-pressure, multi-directional spray nozzles to deep clean vehicle parts while protecting the environment.

With wide cabinet space and a removable parts tree for smaller car parts, the parts washers provide a deep clean on even the greasiest and smallest automotive parts. A low RPM turntable provides 360-degree cleaning.

“When it comes to peak performance of vehicle components, dirt can definitely hurt,” says Jeff Kritzer, executive vice president for BendPak. “We recognized that our customers needed a parts washer capable of deep cleaning while resisting the effects of rust. These durable, stainless-steel washer cabinets do the job and will keep doing it for years and years.”

The new Ranger stainless steel spray wash cabinets both feature:

Dual water heaters that allow the spray wash cabinet water temperature to rise within seconds to keep the water ready at all times. During washing cycles, the larger primary heater activates, quickly raising the temperature of the cleaning solution for optimum cleaning efficiency.

Quick-release door latches that make access easy and safely seal the spray wash cabinet for use.

Removable filter basket that traps any particle larger than 1/8-inch to keep the tank water free of any harmful build-up.

Stainless steel oil skimmer that separates oil and grime from the water to increases the longevity of the detergent solution. Oil is directed outside the cabinet into a holding container for disposal.

Automatic low-water shutoff switch that cuts the power before water levels get low enough to damage the heaters and pump.

While the RS-500DS is capable of degreasing a variety of vehicle components, in many shapes and sizes, the RS-750DS can take on heavy-duty truck components. The bigger interior size, increased load capacity and more cleaning nozzles allow it to clean even bigger car parts or fit more parts in at one time. That’s an important consideration for shops pressed for time or those focused on larger vehicles.

For more information about the Ranger RS-500DS and RS-750DS stainless steel spray wash cabinets, call (805) 933-9970 or visit You can also connect with the company through Twitter,, Instagram, or YouTube

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