NRS Introduces Brake Pads for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

March 31, 2020

NRS Brakes has grown its NRS-EV galvanized brake pads lineup to cover vehicles from over 25 manufacturers and 60 different models including popular hybrids and electrics like Prius, Volt and Leaf.

NRS Brakes recognized that EVs and hybrids needed a different kind of brake pad. Because of regenerative braking, the friction materials on the brake are engaged less often, dissipating less moisture and other build-ups that can lead to premature rust and corrosion – particularly in harsh environments.

NRS-EV galvanized brake pads feature ultra-premium friction material, fully galvanized backing plates and SharkMetal mechanical attachment. Together, these technologies ensure the pad will never rust, corrode or separate, meaning long-lasting life and durability over the full life of the pad.

The NRS-EV lineup is designed from the beginning to be as good for the environment as today’s EVs. Unlike traditional brake pads, they use no industrial adhesives or paint and contain no copper or lead.

Designed to match the whisper-quiet operation of electrics, selected models for the NRS-EV kit include NRS’ patented Piston Cushion technology. The custom-fitted elastomer coated ring fits precisely into the caliper piston, greatly reducing noisy stops caused by vibration or excessive heat.

NRS-EV pads were tested to ensure the highest levels of quality, performance and fit for the full range of EVs and hybrids.

NRS Brakes’ NRS-EV galvanized brake pads are part of over 60 new SKUs released for 2020 makes and models. 

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