Smart Splice Line-to-Hose Connector

April 5, 2013

AirSept Inc. says technicians can avoid the costly, time-consuming replacement of the connections between a metal line and A/C reduced barrier hose with the new Smart Splice Line-to-Hose Connector.

AirSept says it offers a permanent repair with only five-minute installation and no waiting for special-order OE lines. Repairs can be made often without line removal, saving labor time and increasing job profitability.

The Smart Splice Line-to-Hose Connector is based on proven, advanced seal and vibration resistant technologies including the HNBR Seal Sleeve that expands the metal line sealing surface area. It seals against irregular tubing surfaces and prevents leak “travel” that can defeat narrow O-ring seals.

State-of-the-art Anti-Vibration Tension Ring technology guarantees a tight grip on the tubing and ensures long-term durability in high-vibration use. Precision-designed BurgaFlex crimp technology provides a strong hose connection seal. A Crimper Tool is included in the kit.

AirSept is a Tier 1/Tier 2 supplier to 16 OEMs. Visit for more information.