Hofmann Touchless Alignment Wheel Clamp

May 21, 2013

The new Hofmann Touchless Alignment Wheel Clamp (P/N AC400) from Snap-on Equipment allows service technicians to get accurate and repeatable results quickly and efficiently, all without the clamps touching the wheel rim.

With its patented, self-centering design, the AC400 allows measurement of cross-diagonal and tire-rolling radius to help reveal mismatched tire sizes. Clamping is accomplished in just a few turns with a single fast-action adjustment knob that adjusts to the full range of tire sizes without exchanging accessories.

The clutch limited-clamping force ensures consistent and secure attachment. The Hofmann AC400 also features a large, comfortable handle that is simple to operate and accommodates gloved hands.

For more information visit www.hofmann-usa.com.