VDO Instrumentation Catalog features the latest gauges and accessories for heavy-duty trucks

June 5, 2013

The 2013 VDO Instrumentation Catalog for heavy-duty trucks from Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, is an 80-page full color publication that features a wide variety of new VDO Articles that represent the company’s latest offering of world class instruments and accessories for heavy duty commercial vehicles.

New additions include VDO camera and screens, VDO Viewline 5-inch Quad Gauges and LED Replacement Bulbs.

The VDO 2013 Heavy Duty Instrumentation Catalog also features VDO Viewline, one of the industry’s most advanced and versatile instrument lines, the company notes, as well as Cockpit International, Series 1, ModulCockpit II and CANcockpit Generation III instruments.

Also included in the catalog are VDO Pressure & Temperature Senders, ALAS, ALAS I, and ALAS II Fuel Senders, and Accessories and Service Parts.

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