Wide-angle mini WorkStar Pocket Floodlight puts light where techs need it

Aug. 19, 2013

Maxxeon Inc. says the new WorkStar LED Pocket Floodlight is the perfect solution for repair technicians who need a lot of light, but don’t want to lug around a heavy, bulky work light or flashlight.

The Pocket Floodlight lighting tools feature an advanced LED that produces over 140 lumens of light, several times more than competitive Articles. This advanced technology means that the light produces over 10 times the amount of light produced by an incandescent light bulb using the same current.

The wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern produced by the light is clear and free from dark spots or hot spots. The intense white beam is designed to make it easy for the user to clearly see the inspection area, and is most effective at a range of six inches to three feet.

These pen light-style lighting tools are compact and light weight, and clip into a pocket, to be easily available when needed. These lights are powered by three AAA batteries and are available in three finishes: Black Type II Anodizing (P/N MXN00320); Realtree AP Camo (P/N MXN003300; and Imitation Carbon Fiber (P/N MXN00340).

The WorkStar LED Pocket Floodlight is designed for daily use in a demanding shop, manufacturing, maintenance and outdoor environments. The high output LED is rated for a service life of approximately 50,000 hours.

For more information visit http://www.maxxeon.com/led_pocket_floodlight_workstar_320.html.