Rubber Slide Is Designed to Help Parts Slide Into Place Easily

June 20, 2018

Rubber Slide from International Articles Corp. is designed to significantly reduce friction, which decreases the installation force required to assemble parts and fittings.

In addition, Rubber Slide enables parts to be installed quickly, without the need for special tools, and reduces part damage.

The company says Rubber Slide helps avoid slippage related and repetitive stress injuries, reduces part damage, and eases assembly. Use it to install any rubber or soft plastic part, including grommets, O-rings, hoses, tires, seals, plugs any rubber or soft plastic part. Rubber Slide is compatible with rubber, metal, and most plastics.

Rubber Slide provides a temporary lubricating film to a part to ease assembly. Once the part is in place, the film evaporates and the lubrication is gone. The job is completed quickly with no strain, no mess, and no damage to the rubber, according to the company.

Rubber Slide can be used for the assembly and installation of boots, bumpers, bushings, diaphragms, grips, grommets, hoses, insulators, mounts, o-rings, plugs, rubber moldings, seals, sleeves, tires, rubber washers, and wire harnesses.

Rubber Slide is solvent-free and will not dry out rubber or otherwise impair its performance. Other benefits of this temporary assembly lubricant include:

  • safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable;
  • helps prevent personal injury;
  • reduces damaged parts;
  • once dry, the lubrication is gone;
  • easy to use - requires no mixing; and
  • no silicon or petroleum.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., Rubber Slide was specifically designed for the aftermarket and is conveniently packaged in tubes and bottles.

For more information, visit, call 609-386-8770, or email [email protected].