Prevent diesel engine damage with Bosch Duraterm glow plugs

Aug. 21, 2012

Robert Bosch LLC’s Duraterm glow plug technology utilizes a self-regulating control system that reduces glow wait time by more than 50%. The dual-control regulating and heating coil effectively directs current draw, enabling the glow plug to reach higher temperatures more quickly for faster engine start-up.

The company says the regulating coil keeps the heating element within the 1,832-2012 degrees F (1,000-1,100 degrees C) optimal temperature range, preventing engine damage due to over voltage or overheating.

“The advanced Duraterm glow plug provides a ‘post-glow’ heating phase for vehicles with a ‘post-glow’ control system,” says Ross Sandercock, Bosch director of Article Management. “In the post-glow phase, glow plugs continue to operate for up to three minutes after the engine has started, improving overall engine performance and reducing smoke emissions and combustion noise.”

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