Adjustable tire shelves from Martins Industries for PCR, SUV tires

Sept. 18, 2012

Martins Industries’ adjustable tire shelves are designed to store your customers’ tires and new tires on tread.

Three models are available including 3-tier, 4-tier and 5-tier. Each tier can handle about 9 to 11 tires or a maximum or 500 lbs./tier. They are designed with a 45-degree angle to sit the tire properly in the rack. The shelves are adjustable in 1½-inch increment, allowing the tiers to be adjusted to suit the tire sizes.

Martins says storing tires on tread will save you time by having access to each tire quickly. Each rack comes with brackets that will allow you to install your shelves back to back, side by side and directly to the wall. Martins Industries' adjustable tire shelves are easy to install with its boltless installation.

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