Diagnose Ford misfire with free Wells tech video

Oct. 8, 2012

Wells Vehicle Electronics has introduced a free diagnostic training video that can save hours in identifying and troubleshooting intermittent “no code” cylinder misfires on Ford vehicles through the use of Mode 6 diagnostics.

The latest in a series of dozens of free Wells video case studies, “No-Code Misfire Mode 6 Diagnostics” is available via www.wellsVE.com as well as the “Wellstech” channel on YouTube.

The new video documents each step in the diagnosis of a 2002 Ford Expedition experiencing intermittent misfires when operated under heavy loads. The misfires did not occur frequently enough to trigger a diagnostic trouble code.

Wells says using Mode 6 on a generic OBD II scan tool can help you quickly pinpoint the problem cylinder without waiting for a code or investing in a manufacturer-specific scan tool to access the misfire data.

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