Report Tracks COVID-19's Effect on Traffic Volume

April 15, 2020

Transportation data provider INRIX reports that overall daily national traffic volume for consumers, local fleets and long-haul trucks was down 38% for March 21-27, relative to Feb. 22-28. 

According to a report that was recently shared by the Auto Care Association, “based on anonymous speed/location data reported in real-time from all road types for more than 100 million trips per day in the United States, INRIX found that relative to typical daily travel (Friday 2/22): 

  • "Nationally, personal travel dropped by 38% to 48% during the work week;
  • "Long-haul truck travel showed its first signs of decline by Thursday 3/26, down 20% on Friday 3/27, and;
  • "Local area commercial travel declined steadily throughout the week, reaching 16% on Friday 3/27; 

“San Francisco and Detroit’s personal travel have both dropped by nearly two-thirds overall and Michigan had the largest statewide decrease in personal (56%) and long-haul truck (41%) travel.”