Mann-Hummel Provides Tools to Fight COVID-19

April 22, 2020

Mann+Hummel, a leading global expert in filtration, has implemented a number of initiatives to support the battle against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

While Mann+Hummel has been known for their dedication to the automotive, heavy duty and industrial segments, the company has been committed to growth in Life Sciences & Environment. Since 2015, Mann+Hummel has acquired air and water filtration leaders including Tri-Dim Filter Corp. and Microdyn-Nadir, among others. The acquisitions gave Mann+Hummel expertise in HEPA filtration, cleanroom filtration and operating room (laminar flow) technologies. 

“Companies are mobilizing at unbelievable speeds to assist the frontlines in their fight against COVID-19,” says Charles Vaillant, chief technology/digital officer at Mann+Hummel. “It’s incredible to see the levels of innovation, the speed at which it’s happening, and most of all, the sincere belief that we can make a difference in this fight. If we can save even one life, it makes these efforts worthwhile, and I am immensely proud of Mann+Hummel as we embrace innovation and quickly adapt to help others.” 

Production and Supply of Face Masks

One example of the Mann+Hummel's speed and innovation is taking place at their facility in Fayetteville, N.C., where two production lines have been converted to produce daily protective grade (non-certified) face masks with a time to market of 15 days. Initially, the product will be supplied to Mann+Hummel employees to protect those keeping the company moving forward. As production ramps up, the masks will also be sold to customers. Globally, Mann+Hummel began 2020 with zero face mask production, and now anticipates that by May 1, over 5 million face masks will be produced per month. 

Mann+Hummel is also working on a design to provide highly engineered filtration media inserts that can be used in homemade mask designs. The concept will greatly increase the effectiveness of homemade masks, featuring a thin, breathable media. The company anticipates having the media inserts available within two weeks, available through various e-commerce channels. 

“Mann+Hummel has repeatedly demonstrated our competence in successfully transferring technology and know-how to new applications. We now use our filtration competence in automotive to build up and drive the production and supply of face masks. We have several groups in different countries all over the world working on this initiative,” says Kurk Wilks, president and CEO of the Mann+Hummel Group. 

HEPA Filtration and Negative Pressure Machine

The company’s Tri-Kleen product gives public health officials and hospital staff the ability to turn a COVID-19 patient’s room into a negative pressure environment, providing a tool to help field hospitals, temporary care units, nursing homes or ad-hoc locations to maintain safety for patients and frontline staff. While initially sold by Tri-Dim, the technology has been rapidly scaled through Mann+Hummel’s global network to prepare for mass production, which was accomplished in less than 30 days. 

Respirator Filtration Device for Hospital Frontline

In support of a major automaker producing respirators to protect frontline health care workers, Mann+Hummel will urgently provide up to 5,000 filters per day for the project. The respirator is a collective effort from contributing companies, as it mainly uses off-the-shelf parts to construct a life-saving device, including a seat fan from a pickup truck, a battery from a power tool, and now a HEPA filter supplied by Mann+Hummel. The time to market for the HEPA filter design for respirator devices from initial concept to full production was only 12 days. 


Microdyn-Nadir, a membrane and module specialist within Mann+Hummel, is continuing production at all plants as membrane technology helps keep our communities running worldwide. Membranes are a behind-the-scenes player in our global world, but they are vital to many industries. For instance, membranes ensure our wastewater plants are functioning, work to purify water, and are essential to the purification and concentration of some of the food we eat and beverages we drink. 

Mann+Hummel is a leading global expert in filtration. The company group with its headquarters in Ludwigsburg, Germany, develops filtration solutions for automobiles, industrial applications, clean indoor air in industry and public spaces and the sustainable use of water. In 2018, more than 20,000 employees at over 80 locations worldwide generated sales of around 4 billion euros.

The products include air filter systems, suction systems, liquid filter systems, technical plastic parts, filter media, cabin filters, industrial filters as well as membranes and modules for water filtration, wastewater treatment and process applications. 

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