Fuse5 Automotive Software to Become Rev Parts Management Software

Oct. 16, 2019

Fuse5 Automotive Software LLC (FAS) is transitioning into the Rev Parts Management Software group.

Rev Parts Management Software will continue to supply true cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for the automotive aftermarket with strategic new team members and investment partnerships.

“Rev Parts will use the strong foothold FAS has achieved in the aftermarket as well as its access, knowledge and market-specific experience to aggressively accelerate growth within this industry and develop technologies to further benefit the entire aftermarket parts distribution channel from manufacturers to installers,” the company says.

“We decided the rebrand is an optimal way to represent the growth and change of the company and Rev Parts will continue to bring positive change to the automotive aftermarket,” says John Bunting, COO of Rev Parts Management.

The addition of new partners and additional funding has provided the software company with new means to accelerate the development of technologies that will increase functionality of Rev’s existing solutions.

“Looking toward, the future has always been the mission statement of Fuse5 Automotive Software, and now as Rev Parts Management Software, many goals thought to be years away will be achieved in the near future,” the company says. Emphasis of the new company will be on customer support, continual drive to innovate within the industry, and a dedication to meet the business demands of their customers and partners.

Rev Parts Management Software offers a diverse portfolio of modules for every need. The FAS platform’s existing functionality ranges from warehouse management, point of sale, CRM, custom reporting, back office software and more.

With all of these features built on the same code set, current customers utilize the same platform to operate automotive aftermarket businesses from manufacturing, re-manufacturing, wholesale distribution, collision and repair, jobbers, 2-steppers, retail storefront, ecommerce, and service centers.

To learn more, visit https://fuse5auto.com, https://revpartsmanagement.com, https://www.facebook.com/RevParts/, and https://www.linkedin.com/company/rev-parts-management-software/about/.