Copper-free brake pads released for OE production

Oct. 24, 2012

Performance Friction Corp. (PFC) says the time is now for consumers, parts distributors, installers and car manufacturers to switch to copper free brake pads.

The sates of California and Washington passed legislation in 2010 that will effectively ban the use of copper in brake pads by 2025. With numerous other states following suit, copper free pads will make other pads obsolete — lowering their production and sales, the company says.

PFC says it has released copper free pads through major automakers since 2006, and is currently being supplied for OE production. Without sacrificing brake pad quality, PFC says its Carbon Metallic pads may be the only pads on the market that meet all environmental regulations and contain no known harmful substances.

In addition, copper legislation has been proposed in New York, Rhode Island, and Oregon. PFC says its Carbon Metallic Brake Pads do not contain any known harmful substances and meet all Environmental legislation including the ultimate minimum copper legislation and regulations.

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