Mac Tools Has New Diagnostic Tool

March 7, 2017

Mac Tools’ new MDT 10 is an ergonomically-designed vehicle diagnostic tool built specifically for technicians.

The company says the MDT 10 provides coverage for more than 25,000 vehicle systems, and can diagnose drivability issues on virtually any vehicle. The premium hardware device features an optically-bonded screen, a rear camera with flash, front camera, dual speakers, and HDMI output to an external monitor.

It comes in a rugged tablet that's balanced specifically for one-handed operation and has a charging / docking station that allows the technician to work away from the vehicle. The company says on-tool repair information provides full access to a new and extensive wiring-diagram database that displays in color.

Other new features include top reported DTC fixes, drive cycles, and maintenance reset procedures.

MDT 10 is built into an Android chassis, providing a wireless vehicle connection that allows the technician ease of mobility to test components. The large 10.4-inch  screen comes standard, and provides high visibility even in direct sunlight.

MDT 10 provides enhanced on-tool resource information, scan and scope troubleshooting repair info, and specific tech tips. It also provides embedded training videos ensure faster technician fix times. The company says the advanced software enables a streamlined diagnostic process for any issues a technician may encounter with a wide array of additional features that include: 

  • J-2534 device for OEM reprogramming / reflashing with separate PC and OEM software 
  • Ability to display 16 data items, or graph 8 data items simultaneously
  • Customized data stream display, graph and color for easy viewing

For more information, visit the company's website.