Bosch Has Two New Robinair Connected A/C Recovery Machines

Dec. 3, 2019

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc. has added the 34998 and AC1234-9 connected air conditioning (A/C) recovery machines to the Robinair Article line.  

Bosch says the fully automatic recovery machines, available in December 2019, will provide technicians with new and improved A/C service capabilities and superior accuracy when diagnosing or recharging standard or hybrid vehicle systems.

The new 10.5-inch high-resolution touch screen on the 34998 and AC1234-9 displays more machine status and service info than previous Robinair models.

In addition to video capabilities, both models are equipped with an integrated speaker so technicians can watch and listen to training videos directly on the recovery machines.

The latest Robinair machines also feature Bluetooth/WiFi-enabled functionality for use with A/C accessories, along with Google cloud printing and over-the-air update capabilities for performance enhancements and vehicle system capacity database info.

The newest Robinair machines are designed to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge an A/C, allowing technicians to simultaneously work on other projects in the shop. The 34998, for use with R-134a refrigerant vehicle systems, and AC1234-9, for systems that use the new R1234YF refrigerant, meet or exceed their respective SAE J compliance standards for charge accuracy and recovery efficiency.

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