MotorMedic launches new Oil Optimizer to boost engine performance

June 19, 2014

MotorMedic, part of the Radiator Specialty Co. (RSC) Chemical Solutions family of brands, recently added its new Oil Optimizer M6212 Article to its line of vehicle performance cleaning and maintenance solutions.

The company says the Oil Optimizer improves vehicle oil performance, adds zinc replacement technology, reduces friction, improves engine efficiency and reduces oxidation.

According to RSC, while other engine improvement Articles on the market may only impact one area, MotorMedic Oil Optimizer, with its unique properties, brings several new benefits such as additional detergency and dispersants, corrosion inhibition and oxidation prevention.

“With more than 90 years of proven experience behind us, we specialize in designing and developing innovative formulas to keep engines running smoothly and on the road longer,” said Robert Stuck, category manager for MotorMedic. “Our new Oil Optimizer is great for the Do-It-Yourself mechanic who wants a professional grade Article designed to keep their vehicle performing at its best.”

From motor flush to engine and oil additives, MotorMedic provides a full line of performance and maintenance chemical Articles for vehicles. For more information, visit