Hayden Automotive adds new digital fan controller to cooling Articles line

July 2, 2014

Hayden Automotive, a leader in automotive, truck and performance cooling Articles, has added a new digital fan controller (P/N 3655) to its line of cooling Articles that it says incorporates the same pulse width technology used by OE controllers that interface directly with the powertrain control module.

“Our unique controller varies fan speed based on the installer’s custom temperature setting, which gives cooling when you need it and not when you don’t,” said Ron Miller, Article and marketing manager for Hayden Automotive.

“With adjustable set points between 120-210 degrees Fahrenheit, the Hayden digital fan controller has no contacts to wear and no relays to replace, ever. The auto-on feature with an A/C engagement and the auto-shutdown feature when the key is off ensures that installers get the cooling that they need, while at the same time, extending the life of the fan.”

Features of the new Hayden digital fan controller include hermetically sealed electronics and EMI suppression to ensure long life and trouble free operation. The controller bolt-mounts to firewall or directly onto the fan shroud, and it acquires full speed at 10 degrees above the set point.

Operating range is 90-210 degrees F, and temperature probe, wiring and installation instructions are included. An optional 3/8-inch MPT brass sending unit also available (P/N 355).

For more information visit www.haydenauto.com.