Universal Lubricants’ customers report green is good for business

Aug. 8, 2013

Universal Lubricants says it’s not a fad that auto dealers and shop owners across the country report that offering the company’s high-performance eco-friendly line of sustainable motor oils and transmission fluids is good for business.

The company’s Eco Ultra products are made from crystal clear, re-refined base oil that’s purified and then blended with high performance additives that protect vehicles and the environment. And Universal Lubricants’ closed loop process turns what had been a non-renewable resource -- used motor oil -- into a renewable one.

“We do business in a state where people are environmentally conscious and economically savvy,” says Eric Getchell, president and co-owner of Precision Import Repair in Aloha, Oregon.

“Our customers are proud of the environmental stewardship that goes with using Eco Ultra and recycling our used motor oil.”

Getchell’s comments track with a 2011 study by TD Bank that showed almost 90% of respondents in the U.S. feel a responsibility to leave behind a better planet. The report goes on to say that 37% say they “chose companies based on their environmental practices”… and that number is rising. Also, younger Americans (millennials born in the 1980s and 1990s) were more likely to support green businesses than older populations.

Among environmentally minded consumers, Eco Ultra has become a poster child for environmental stewardship because:

  • The re-refining process requires 89% less energy than refining from virgin crude;
  • Products made from re-refined base oil release 65% fewer harmful emissions into the air;
  • Reclaiming used oil eliminates the ground water pollution that results from improper disposal; one gallon of improperly disposed motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of ground water.

“From a business standpoint, Eco Ultra is a premium motor oil that’s competitively priced, and using it is another step toward being environmentally responsible,” said Getchell.

According to Doug Jensen, co-owner and vice president of Portland, Oregon-based Christenson Oil, Precision’s response is becoming the norm among auto dealers and shop owners in the industry who hear the details of Universal Lubricants’ infinitely repeatable closed loop process.

“I’ve been in the industry a long time and witnessed the evolution of the re-refining process,” said Jensen. “Universal Lubricants has developed a high tech closed loop system that produces an end product that’s like purified base oil on steroids. Oil gets dirty, but it doesn’t wear out. You can re-refine it indefinitely. So you have a product that’s better for the environment and also reduces our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.”

John Koskovich, director of products, pricing and purchasing for Centennial, Colorado-based Brakes Plus agrees. Brakes Plus sells Eco Ultra oil changes in all of its locations and partners with Universal Lubricants to collect used oil and filters from 51 locations in Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Iowa.

“As a Universal Lubricants closed loop customer we’re part of the Zero Waste Movement on both the front and back-end of our Eco Ultra oil change service,” Koskovich said. “Offering our customers this eco-friendly option fits with our company goal to protect the environment while providing quality products and customer service. It’s good for our business, good for our clients and the right thing to do for our planet.”

Eco Ultra is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and meets or exceeds SAE requirements and OEM specifications. For more information or to order Eco Ultra products, please visit ecoultraoil.com.