Andreoli software enhancement saves man hours, improves physical counting

Oct. 22, 2013

Andreoli & Associates Inc., a cloud-based point-of-sale provider, has enhanced its HITS BPOS software to use a specially formatted spreadsheet that improves physical inventory count efficiency.

Rather than using printed counts sheets or expensive hand held devices, actual counts are edited off-line to the spreadsheet on a laptop in the warehouse. The edited spreadsheet is later accessed and adjustments are made automatically by the software.

“We have a large inventory in two warehouses,” says Wes Tatum of Leete Tire, Petersburg, Va., an Andreoli client, about the improvement of using the spreadsheet format for their physical counts.

“Using three laptops we cut our normal inventory count time by 48 man hours. Not only did we save having to print hundreds of pages of counts sheets, we posted all the corrections in less than a minute.”

Mike Andreoli, President of Andreoli stated,

“Until all tires come with consistent barcoded tire labels, dealers will continue to take physical inventory counts using the traditional 'count, record, correct' method,” says Mike Andreoli, president of Andreoli.

“The modifications we made to our software to read the completed spreadsheet simply enables more rapid, accurate counting and extremely fast updating.”

“Prior to using the new method, it would take until late Saturday afternoon to finish taking physical counts,” says Tatum. “Using this new method, we finished counting late Friday night. Our staff was thrilled and I posted all the adjustments without re-keying a single product number.”

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