Several Software Updates Available From Bolt On Technology

June 8, 2017

Bolt On Technology LLC’s latest software updates include the ability to capture vehicle information by taking a photo of a customer’s license plate.

The new optical character recognition feature allows shops to take photos of customer license plates and automatically populates the vehicle tab with all information, reducing inaccuracies in transferring information.

The free update that is available to current Mitchell 1 Manager SE and Snap-on ShopKey SE users. Click here for more information.

In addition, the company says the newest software updates make it easier for shops to gain information needed in the bays. Oil and TPMS reset instructions are now with a technician at all times on a tablet device. This update is currently available for Mitchell 1 ProDemand users with Manager SE or Snap-on ShopKey SE shop management systems. Click here for more information.

Another update available to Mitchell 1 Manager SE and Snap-on ShopKey SE Report Pro users is the ability to keep a fully accurate, documented timeline of each customer interaction. This feature allows shops to provide customers with a minute-by-minute summary of their service visits. Bolt On Technology says this creates an increased level of trust with customers when offering recommendations and provides security in the event a customer makes false claims against a shop. For more information, click here.