Automotive Distribution Network Enhances Business Service Programs

June 21, 2017

The Automotive Distribution Network has partnered with a variety of service providers to enhance the group’s business service programs for members and shareholders.

“The Network has negotiated significant contracts with some new and valuable national business service providers to arm our membership with the tools they need to simplify business practices while saving money,” says Cora Roark, director of business services. “Regardless of size or geographic location, staying on top of the needs of our members and their customers is vital to improving the group’s bottom line.”

Through the enhanced program offering, Parts Plus, Auto Pride and IAPA members and shareholders will save on these value-added programs: car rentals, supplemental insurance, office and computer products, fleet management, employee benefits and HR, waste management, freight, uniform rentals, fire protection, credit card processing and much more.

Warehouse distributors, auto stores, service dealer and headquarters staff will all be able to take advantage of the menu of services offered. The group is planning to add additional services in the very near future including mobile phones and temporary employment companies.