Motorcraft brand brakes endorsed by ambulance fleet

Jan. 2, 2014

The Ford Motor Co. says its Motorcraft brand brake parts have been endorsed by Life Ambulance of El Paso, Texas.

Life Ambulance supports a fleet of 28 emergency vehicles. Before Life Ambulance switched to Motorcraft brakes, they were doing constant brake work on the fleet, as frequently as two or three times a week, according to Ford. Since the switch to Motorcraft parts, brake maintenance is necessary only two or three times a month.

“We’ve tried many different brands, and some didn’t last 11,000 miles,” says Ken Vaughan, shop manager for Life Ambulance. “After many burned up brakes and rotors, we decided to run a little experiment, tracking mileage of brakes with special software. Motorcraft dramatically outperformed the others, lasting nearly 40,000 miles or roughly 15,000 miles further than any other brand we tested.”

Ford says Life Ambulance has saved thousands of dollars in brakes since switching to Motorcraft parts.

While every new vehicle is subject to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aftermarket parts are not held to the same standards. Ford says it goes further by testing Motorcraft brakes to ensure all meet the same stringent FMVSS regulations.

“The only way to replicate real-world driving and braking performance is to test these parts on the road, where we can ensure our parts not only meet FMVSS, but also meet rigorous internal standards that set our Motorcraft parts apart,” says Reed Van Tiem, Motorcraft product marketing manager.

Effective Oct. 1, 2013, Motorcraft switched from a one year to a two-year brake warranty that covers manufacturing flaws as well as from a 12,000 mile cap to unlimited miles with no commercial exceptions.

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