SKF offers new wheel hub solution for Mercedes Smart Car

June 18, 2014

SKF has announced the availability of a new front wheel hub solution for the 2013-2008 Mercedes Smart Car. SKF part number BR930861K is designed as a front wheel hub only, rather than an assembly. It includes three unique precision machined pins that enable the installer to press the hub unit into the knuckle assembly easier.

“The new front wheel hub solution is the first of its kind available for the 2013-2008 Mercedes Smart Car,” says Katie Noga, director automotive communications. “The typical solution for replacing the front wheel hub on a Mercedes Smart Car is a front wheel hub assembly that includes a front wheel hub and knuckle; however, the SKF solution provides a unique cost-savings approach with its hub kit by replacing just the worn wheel hub.”

SKF part number BR930861K includes complete instructions on the removal and installation of the wheel hub from the knuckle.

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