Grow Your Business: Work With Local Restaurants

April 4, 2022

It should come as no surprise that given how customers and businesses have dealt with the pandemic, your local restaurants have seen an uptick in deliveries, due to many food purveyors turning to increased or first-time delivery services in order to keep the business going.

Some eateries use a small fleet of company cars for their deliveries. Others prompt their employees to use their personal vehicles, while others use food delivery companies such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

 With this increase of local delivery services comes an increase in delivery vehicle wear and tear. Of course, that translates into an increased need for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Consider instituting a service program aimed directly at local restaurant delivery vehicles, promoting your shop as the restaurants’ go-to source for vehicle service. In effect, you can create a “partnership” with them, as their “official partner” for their vehicle service needs. For instance, you may offer a slight discount on your services, in return for which, each delivery vehicle displays a logo sticker to advertise your shop. (Obtaining vinyl adhesive logos is easily handled via local signage shops at a very reasonable cost.)

Not only do the restaurants derive a benefit in terms of discounts and a “priority” scheduling for services, but your shop also gains wider visibility within your market area as these delivery vehicles increase their presence on local roads, highways and home driveways. You might compare this as a corporate “official sponsor” program for a football stadium, pro basketball team, etc., or race car sponsorship, albeit on a smaller scale.

There are many ways to get creative in order to promote your shop. This is simply one idea that might have merit for your specific market.  

About the Author

Mike Mavrigian | Editor

Mike received a BA degree from Youngstown State University in English Literature with a minor in Journalism in 1975.