Tracer Products Offers UV Dye for Finding A/C Leaks in Electric Vehicles

July 10, 2020

Tracerline’s OEM-grade UV dye for hybrid and electric vehicles finds A/C leaks.  

Hybrid and electric vehicles can leak fluids just like ICE cars, says Tracer Products. EVs have A/C oil and coolant fluids that are susceptible to the same wear-and-tear damage. But because these systems are different, the tools need to change. 

Tracer Products manufactures Flouro-Lite 5 TP3811 & TP9811 A/C dyes with hybrid/EV compressor oil. This means these dyes are OEM grade and are completely compatible with electrically driven A/C compressors. The UV dye is specially formulated with high-dielectric properties – meaning it’s resistant to electrical conductivity.

The dyes:

  • Are specially formulated with high-dielectric properties
  • Protect all hybrid/EV system components – including electrically driven compressors
  • Are completely safe to use and do not alter system properties
  • Are manufactured to OEM-grade specifications
  • Each cartridge is individually sealed in moisture-resistant packaging to reduce contamination and ensure safety

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