Champion Touts Oil's Anti-Wear Additives

June 26, 2020

Champion Brands LLC says its Classic and Muscle Motor Oils are “purpose-built” to address the potential of flat tappet camshaft failures found in older gasoline motors. 

“Most engine builders were quick to blame camshaft or lifter hardness," says Karl Dedolph, director of racing and performance, Champion. "However, they found that the majority of the failures were, in part, due to a reduction of anti-wear additives in motor oils. These failures coincided with an EPA mandate calling for the reduction of the zinc additive and a longer life of the catalytic converters."

The main anti-wear additive in Champion’s Classic and Muscle Motor Oil is Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP).  

"This class of additives delivers the anti-wear film necessary to protect metal parts under mixed lubrication where metal-to metal contact can occur," say Champion officials. "They function by adhering to the metal in the engine and are activated as metal-to-metal contact causes temperatures and pressures to rise.

"The result is a smooth, glass-like surface that provides excellent protection of metal components. This sacrificial coating prevents metal to metal contact, which reduces friction and wear.  ZDDP is also provides an excellent anti-oxidant and work synergistically with other additives found in engine oils. Along with its stability, it activates at differing temperatures and pressures."

Champion’s Classic and Muscle Motor Oils are recommended for "typically all, non-catalytic converter-equipped vehicles."