Cloyes Adds VIO and PIO Coverage

Feb. 12, 2020

Cloyes Gear and Articles Inc. added 131 parts in 2019. The new timing chain and timing belt kits and components, adds 51 million vehicles-in-operation (VIO) coverage and 507 million parts-in-operation (PIO) coverage.

Cloyes says its aggressive Article expansion initiatives in 2019 are evident with these catalog additions and the launch of variable valve timing chain kits and timing chain water pump kits.

“Cloyes has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing every component of timing drive systems for more than 99 years,” says Jason Thompson, vice present of engineering and Article development for Cloyes. “And 2019 was a very successful year for us regarding new Article development and new Article introductions. We will carry that momentum right into 2020 with new Article launches in the first quarter of the year.”

By mapping existing part numbers to new applications, Cloyes also added coverage of nearly 46 million PIO in 2019.

“The Article management and content team at Cloyes continues to enhance our catalog by conducting research, validating, and adding any missing parts to the catalog,” says Johnny Thao, director of Article management for Cloyes. “This OE-focused research along with feedback from our customers allows us to develop a more complete catalog to reduce lost sales for our distribution partners.”

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