Soft Pedal Software

Oct. 14, 2019

This bulletin applies to 2019 Acura RDX vehicles. The customer may comment that the brake pedal feels soft or that there is too much pedal travel.

According to the bulletin, this symptom does not affect braking performance, only brake pedal feel. Updated electric brake booster (EBB) software is available to address the concern.

Update the EBB software using iHDS software version 1.004.064 or later. Before beginning the update, make sure that both the i-HDS and J2534 Rewrite software are updated as listed here:

i-HDS software version.......... 1.004.064 or later

J2534 Rewrite software...........PC Application Version or later; Database update 26-MAR-2019 or later.

You cannot apply the updates with the MVCI as a stand-alone tool. To update the software you must use the MVCI or the DST-I interface in conjunction with the J2534 Rewrite PC application on the i-HDS.