Nissan Lack of Power

Oct. 28, 2019

This bulletin applies to all Nissan vehicles equipped with an Electric Throttle Chamber (for example, 2014 Frontier). If a customer describes a lack of power or poor acceleration, perform the following checks before attempting any repairs:

  • Check for stored DTCs
  • Check if the driver has a habit of resting their left foot on the brake pedal while accelerating. Advise them not to do this.
  • Use CONSULT-III plus in Engine Data Monitor to check operation of the brake lamp circuit signal. Monitor the brake switch during the incident. It should be OFF.

Causes of the brake switch to be ON: brake switch incorrectly adjusted (switch is adjusted ON when it should be OFF), or damaged brake lamp wiring/circuit. Damage causes the signal to the ECU to show ON when it should be OFF.