Toyota Skid Control Update

Dec. 2, 2019

Some 2015-2017 Toyota Camry vehicles may exhibit a “Check Brake System” message on the MID (multi-information display) in the combination meter/instrument assembly at engine start-up along with DTC C1441.

An updated skid control ECU logic is now available to address this concern. Note: This bulletin does not prevent DTC C1441 from occurring. The red brake warning light will illuminate upon its detection.

Required equipment includes Techstream 2.0 (P/N TS2UNIT) or Techstream Lite (P/N TSLITEPDLR01) and Techstream Lite green cable (P/N TSLP2DLR01). The GR8 battery diagnostic station must be used in Power Supply mode to maintain battery voltage above 11.4 volts when reprogramming.


Camry with adaptive cruise control........Old  F152606100......New  F152606330

Camry without adaptive cruise control....Old  F152606091.....New  F152606320

1. Confirm the presence of DTC C1441

2. If DTC is present, utilizing the freeze-frame data captured with the DTC, confirm wheel speed. If all wheel speeds = 0, continue to Step 3. For any wheel speed greater than 0, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with diagnosis.

3. Using Techstream, perform a Health Check to confirm if the skid control ECU calibration has been updated. If it has not been updated, continue to Step 4.

4. Flash reprogram the skid control ECU with the applicable new calibration ID.

5. Test drive to confirm proper operation.