Delphi Technologies Adds Steering and Suspension Parts

Sept. 4, 2019

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket has launched 987 new part numbers in its North American steering and suspension portfolio and plans to reach full line coverage by end of first quarter 2020.

Delphi says the expansion enables distributors and repair shops to offer greater coverage in a fast-growing Article line with significant parts proliferation, opening up new profit opportunities.

The new part numbers help double the size of the steering and suspension Article line this year, for a total of more than 5000 part numbers.

Following this trajectory, the company says it will continue launching new parts to reach 99% sales coverage by Q1 2020.

“We know that for our customers, coverage and availability are key, and we are focused on answering those needs and helping grow their business through a strong partnership with us,” says Chad Smith, vice president, aftermarket, North America. 

The new part numbers include control arms, tie rod ends, inner tie rods, sway bar links, ball joints, bushings, drag links, idler arms, pitman arms, trailing arms and more.

The company says each part is developed, manufactured, and tested to meet industry-leading standards for OE performance, encompassing fit, form, and function. Delphi Technologies ensures steering and suspension parts withstand the same forces during testing as they will on the road. They are also subjected to extreme environmental conditions to prepare them for a long service life.

“For us, exceptional quality is not a goal—it’s a requirement. When it comes to safety-critical parts like steering and suspension components, our customers can be confident in our strict manufacturing and testing standards,” says Smith.

Delphi Technologies offers a full-service aftermarket solution that includes more than just the parts themselves. The proper accessories and hardware are also included when required.

Beyond what comes in the box, Delphi Technologies also offers certified aftermarket-related training courses, including a series on steering and suspension systems. The classes cover topics including traction control and tire pressure monitoring systems, and are available to technicians of all skill levels. To learn more about Delphi Technologies Aftermarket Articles and training courses, visit the company’s steering & suspension page and its training section.