CRP Offers AAE EPS Reman for Chevy, GMC and Buick

Oct. 2, 2019

CRP Automotive offers coverage for AAE electric power steering (EPS) rack and pinion on popular Buick, Chevy, and GMC models.

Remanufactured under the Manufactured Again Certified process, AAE electric power steering racks are a direct replacement for failed OEM units.  

During remanufacturing, each unit is disassembled, cleaned, and all wear components are replaced. Every unit is 100% tested to ensure original equipment performance and durability. End-of-line vehicle simulation tests ensure proper communication with all other electronic modules and verification that no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are present.

Applications for AAE # ER1106 include Lacrosse (2012-16), Regal (2012-17), Impala (2014-16), and Malibu (2013). AAE # ER4111 covers Silverado 1500 (2014-15) w/Crew Cab, and AAE # ER1113 fits Silverado 1500 and Sierra (2014-16) w/Std. Cab.

AAE Steering System Components is a CRP Automotive brand. CRP Automotive is part of CRP Industries Inc.

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