Champion Brands Has Performance Brake Fluid for Electric Vehicles

Dec. 17, 2019

Champion Brands LLC has developed a special DOT 5.1 brake fluid for performance and competition electric vehicles.

New Champion EVolution X DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid is specifically for the needs of electric high-powered vehicles. 

The company says that when the vehicle battery is full, the brake system can’t take advantage of regenerative braking and so the brakes will have to do all the work without any support from engine braking. This creates a need for a high dry and wet boiling point that also provides enhanced brake system corrosion protection. 

Due to the electrical currents found near the brake system, a lower conductivity fluid is needed.  Champion says recent developments in ABS, ESP, AD, and ADAS put greater emphasis on cycle time and frequency, placing increasing demands on brake fluid viscosity and lubricity.

The new EVolution X 5.1 Brake Fluid is added to Champion’s EVolution X Article line which includes fluid specially designed to meet the needs of current and next generation hybrid and electric vehicles. They include: Champion EVolution X DOT 3/4 Brake Fluid, Champion EVolution X Fluid for light vehicles and Champion EVolution XX Fluid for heavy vehicles.

Champion says it has formulated and developed fluids with excellent copper compatibility. This is important because along with brake fluids, the other fluids used in electric vehicles require electrical insulation properties. The fluid must be insulating to prevent any arcing since it is going to be in close contact with the electrical and/or electronic components of the vehicle. Dielectric properties must remain stable throughout the time in spite of harsh operating conditions: particle abrasion, humidity, rising temperatures, and oxidation. 

Power electronics and the electric engine must operate within a defined temperature range. Operating at higher than the desired temperature range inevitably reduces the vehicles’ service life, efficiency and power. The components are subject to heat evacuation at temperatures up to 180°C.

The fluid and new components of the electric vehicle are in direct contact. The fluids must be compatible with different types of materials in order to avoid the following consequences: swelling, breakage, corrosion etc. Copper is a fundamental material for these applications. Its high electrical conductivity makes it the main critical component used for electrical appendages, wiring, snaking, encircling, and windings.

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