KYB Offers Fall Maintenance Promotion for Shocks and Struts

Aug. 31, 2023

KYB America Corp. is encouraging customers to replace worn shocks and struts by offering $50 back on eligible purchases.  

The KYB Fall Maintenace promotion will run from Sept. 1 through Nov. 30 

New KYB shocks and struts can help restore OEM design and handling, reduce brake and tire wear and decrease braking distance, according to KYB officials.  

“Shocks, struts, tires and brakes work as a system to provide vehicle control,” says Andy Castleman, director of products and marketing at KYB.  

“OE manufacturers design these parts to work in conjunction with each other to provide maximum traction, control and handling. Worn parts can accelerate the wear of related parts and reduce control of the vehicle. It’s extremely important to maintain the entire system in order to retain the vehicles’ designed safety and performance standards.”  

For more information about the promotion, click here.