Dana Introduced Ultimate Dana 80 Bracketless Crate Axles

Sept. 19, 2023

Dana Inc. has introduced its Ultimate Dana 80 bracketless crate axles featuring Dana 80 housing and a full-float design.

The axle contains four-inch tubes with 5/8-inch wall thickness and Spicer 40 spline nickel, chromoly steel axle shafts.

“Ultimate Dana 80 bracketless crate axles are designed for the toughest applications and provide unrivaled durability for custom builds,” says Bill Nunnery, senior director in sales and marketing for global aftermarket for Dana.

“Enthusiast can be assured that Ultimate Dana 80 bracketless axle provides a higher torque load, deliver peak protection from environmental contaminants and perform well even in the most extreme off-road conditions.”

Manufactured in Lugoff, S.C., the Ultimate Dana 80 includes a Spicer performance ring and pinion gears in ratios 3.73 through 5.38. The crate axles are made for vehicles with larger tires.

Featuring a Dana-engineered carrier with ribbed housing design, the Ultimate Dana 80 bracketless crate axles also include an ARB Air Locker, heavy-duty wheel bolt pattern (8 x 6.5 inches), Spicer 1410 strap-style/half-round end yokes and a 69-inch width wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface.