KYB Brings Back 'Feeling is Believing' Consumer Rebate Promotion

July 26, 2019

KYB Corp.’s consumer rebate promotion, “Feeling is Believing,” is returning this fall. It will run through August and September and offers motorists a rebate up to $100 when they choose to maintain their vehicle with KYB products.

For 2019, KYB has added “Earn With KYB” to the promotion calendar. “Earn With KYB” gives service providers $10 on every set of four KYB shocks or struts installed during the promotion's time span.

“’Feeling is Believing’ is designed to make it easier for motorists to feel the improvement to vehicle control and stability that KYB products provide,” says KYB Director of Marketing and Product Aaron Shaffer. “Motorists can earn $25 for purchasing sets of four KYB shocks, or two shocks and two struts. $50 can be earned for sets of four KYB struts, or two KYB Strut-Plus units with two shocks or struts. Finally, $100 cards will be mailed out for those consumers who purchase four KYB Strut-Plus units.

“’Earn With KYB’ is brand new, and can be coupled with ‘Feeling is Believing’ to help ensure more vehicles on the road have the handling and control they are capable of,” says Shaffer. “Service providers can log their sales online and at the conclusion of the promotion, they will be sent a Mastercard gift card.”

Additional details for “Earn with KYB” can be found at “Feeling is Believing” and “Earn With KYB” are open to consumers and service providers in the U.S. and Canada.

“’Feeling is Believing’ has become a recognized staple of our National Promotional Calendar, and while we still believe it is important to reward the motorist, we wanted to add an element to reward and recognize service professionals for supporting us,” Shaffer says.  

KYB Corporation is a $4.2 billion global hydraulics manufacturer with over 8,100 employees and sells its products in over 100 countries. The company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of shocks and struts to vehicle manufacturers and has a full range of domestic and import shocks and struts for the aftermarket.

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