Busted Wheel Stud on Milan

April 10, 2017

Some 2010-2011 Mercury Milan vehicles built between 12/1/2009 and 10/26/2010 may exhibit a single rear wheel stud fracture. A small number of rear brake rotors may have been manufactured with a wheel mounting face that is not flat, potentially resulting in a stud fracture.

Service rear brake rotors are also affected. Service brake rotors that may not be flat on the wheel mounting face were available from December 2009 through approximately January 2011 and could be installed on prior model years.

Remove the rear wheel and tire assemblies.

Clean the wheel mounting surfaces on the rear brake rotors with a suitable wire brush.

Position a precision straight-edge tool flat against the rear brake rotor wheel mounting surface. With the side of the straight-edge next to or touching the wheel hub.

While holding the straight-edge flat against the wheel mounting surface, use a feeler gauge to check for flatness.

If a 0.025-inch feeler gauge cannot be inserted between the mounting surface and the straight-edge tool, the rear rotor is flat. If clearance is 0.025-inch or greater, the rotor must be replaced.

Remove the rotor. Using special tool 204-592 or equivalent, remove the broken wheel stud from the rear wheel hub.

Using two large flat washers and a 12 mm x 1.50 nut, install the new stud into the hub. Using a torque wrench, seat the new stud using 40-80 ft.-lbs. of torque on the nut (do not use an impact or other power tool).

Remove the nut and flat washers and install a new brake rotor. Reinstall the wheel and torque lug nuts to 100 ft.-lbs.

P/N                           ITEM

AE5Z-1107-A……….wheel stud

9E5Z-2C026-B……..rear brake rotor